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For Admissions Contact: 9840226899 ,9840866558

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  • The department Computer center is equipped with Servers, 130 Desktops connected through Ethernet LAN of 100 Mbps and supported with multimedia kits.

  • Internet connectivity is available with 20 Mbps leased line.

  • The Department continuously upgrades all laboratories with the state-of-art equipment & Software.

The department possesses 3 labs

  • The lab supports programming languages such C / C++, Java, etc.,

  • The lab also supports Database Management Systems

  • The following labs are conducted in this venue

    • Computer programming lab

    • Data structure lab

    • DBMS lab

    • Object Oriented Programming lab

    • Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab

    • Compiler Design lab

  • This lab supports software that is required for web development and network programming.

  • The following labs are conducted in this venue

    • Internet programming lab

    • Network simulation lab

    • Security lab

  • This lab supports software that agrees to FOSS

  • The following labs are conducted in this venue

    • Mobile Application Lab

    • Grid and Cloud Computing

    • Operating System lab

    • Web application development


  • Computer Networks and Security club

  • Cloud Computing club

  • Knowledge Engineering club

  • Software Engineering club and

  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning club.


The Department motivates the students of II/III/IV year students to learn choice based courses that interest the individual student from NPTEL video lectures and appear for the examinations conducted by the reputed IIT Madras / IIT Kanpur / IIT Bombay / IIT Delhi / IIT Kharaghpur / IIT Roorkee / IISc Bangalore / IIIT’s and NIT’s.

The Department enriches knowledge of the students as per their choice of interest by encouraging them to appear for online certification courses conducted by the Microsoft like C / C++ / Java / Python / JSP / EJB / Servelets / C# and; Network technologies such as Cisco / NS/2, and Web technologies like HTML / DHTML / CSS / XML / PHP etc.,


National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL). The main objective of NPTEL program is to enhance the quality of engineering education in the country by developing curriculum based video and web courses. This is being carried out by IITs (Seven), IISc Bangalore and other premier institutions as a collaborative project. Currently samples from approximately 70 courses are offered by faculty in various departments and to students at all levels (B.Tech, M.Tech, M.S., M.Sc., Ph.D.) are given and certificates are also provided.

DURATION : The courses are classified as 10 hour or 20 hour or 30 hour courses.


Oracle DBA

The aim of a database is to store and retrieve relative data. Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost effective way to manage information and applications. The Oracle DBA course includes Oracle database Overview, Introduction to DBA, DBA Responsibilities. Understanding Oracle Architectural components, Instance, Database, Logical Structures and User & Server Processes, Storage Structures, Networking Overview.

The widely respected IT certification programs available through Cisco Career Certifications bring valuable, measurable rewards to networking professionals, to their managers, and to the organizations that employ the students. CCNA courses includes CCNA Cloud, CCNA Datacenter, CCNA Wireless, CCNP Cloud ,etc.


The CCNA Cloud certification is a job role focused certification and training program that helps Cloud engineers, Cloud Administrators, and Network Engineers to develop, advance, and validate their cloud skill set, and enables them to help their IT organization meet changing business demands from technology transitions. With a CCNA Cloud certification, you will obtain the skills to perform entry-level provisioning and support of Cisco cloud solutions. Learn from the only company that has an end-to-end Cloud and Intercloud story.

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Certifications and Classes :

Java technology based software works just about everywhere—from the smallest devices to super computers! The architecture-neutral nature of Java technology is important in a networked world where one cannot predict the kind of devices that partners, suppliers and employees use to connect to their organizations.

The equivalent Sun Certified Java Programmer certifications with similar credentials are now available from Oracle. This software vendor offers several on-site and online courses that can prepare individuals to earn the Oracle Certified Professional designation in Java programming.

Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) Certifications and Classes :

  • Fundamentals of the Java Programming Language, Java SE 6
  • Java Programming Language, Java SE 6
  • Java SE 8 Programming
  • Developing Applications For The Java EE 6 Platform
  • Web Component Development With Servlets & JSPS, JAVA EE 6
  • Java Programming For Web Development
  • Business Component Development With Ejb Technology, JAVA EE 6

The growing demand for C and C++ programmers means you now need formal recognition for your programming skills and expertise. C++ Institute and Pearson VUE have undertaken to provide exclusive delivery of the certification program they have created for the C and C++ programming languages.

  • CPA – C++ Certified Associate Programmer Certification

  • CPP – C++ Certified Professional Programmer Certification

  • CLA – C Programming Language Certified Associate Certification

The Certified Software Tester (CSTE) certification is intended to establish standards for initial qualification and provide direction for the testing function through an aggressive educational program. Acquiring the designation of Certified Software Tester (CSTE) indicates a professional level of competence in the principles and practices of quality control in the IT profession.

S.NO Course Year
1. C,C++ Certification, NPTEL Certification I Year
2. DBA Course, NPTEL Certification II Year
3. CCNA Course, Java Certification, NPTEL Certification III Year
4. Software Testing Certification, NPTEL Certification IV Year


The Department conducts the following online tests to motivate the students.

  • Intelligence Tests
  • Memory Improvement Tests
  • IQ Tests
  • Stress Management Tests
  • Personality Development Tests
  • Model Test for Placement purpose.

Apart from this every semester students will be trained in Fast Learning.


  • Each faculty is allotted 20 students who will take care of entire activities both academic and non-academic for the overall wellbeing of the students.
  • An exclusive counseling class is included in the Time-table in which each faculty will counsel the students allotted to them.
  • During counseling sessions problems of students pertaining to their academic / personal are identified and appropriate methods are suggested to overcome issues both academically and psychologically.


  • The students are encouraged to deliver seminars on topics of interest in the regular classes.
  • Inter-department activities are being conducted at college level which motivates them to participate in National and International Conferences.
  • The students are motivated to present papers in various National and International Conferences which enables them to interact among the peers.
  • The students are motivated to attend Seminars/Symposium/Workshops in various engineering colleges.
  • Students are motivated to participate in Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which is organized frequently by the students association.
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