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Criterion Number Criterion Description Link
1.1.1 Institute ensures curricullum delivery Link
1.3.1 NSS Link
1.3.3 Number of students undertaking project work/field work/internships Link
1.4.1 Structured Feedback received from Parents, Students, Employers, Alumni & Teachers Link
1.4.2 Feedback Process of the Institution Link
2.2.0 Number of seats earmarked for reserved category as per GOI/ State
Govt. rule during the year 2020 -2021
2..3.1 Participative learning Link
2.2.1 Special programs for advanced learners and slow learners Link
2.3.2 Webpage describing the LMS/Academic management system Link
2.5.1 Continous internal evaluation Link
2.5.2 Mechanism of Internal Assesment Marks Link
2.5.4 Academic callenders Link
2.6.1 PSO & CO displayed on website Link
2.6.2 PO PSO & CO evaluated by the institution Link
2.6.3 Final year students University Examinations Details Link
2.7.0 Student Satisfaction Survey Update Link
3.2.0 No of Full time Teachers against Sanctioned Posts Year : 2020-2021 Link
3.2.1 ECO system including incubation center Link
3.3.3 URL to the research page on HEI website Link
3.4.1 NSS special camp Link
3.5.1 Number of Collaborative activities for research, Faculty exchange, Student exchange/ internship during the year Link
4.1.1 Adequite facilities teaching leaning Link
4.1.2 Adequite facilities for sports Link
4.1.3 ICT Fecilities (Optional) Link
4.2.1 LMS Delnet Link
4.2.2 Collection of rare books/library enrichment Link
4.3.1 IT facilities including wifi Link
4.4.2 Physical, Academic & Sports Facilities Link
5.1.1 Number of students benefited by scholarships and free ships provided by the Government during the years. Link
5.1.2 Number of students benefitted by scholarships, free ships etc. provided by the institution / non- government agencies during the years Link
5.1.3 Capacity building and skills enhancement initiatives taken by the institution during the years. Link
5.1.4 Number of students benefitted by guidance for competitive examinations and career counseling offered by the Institution during the years. Link
5.3.2 Students’ Representation and Engagement in Various Administrative, Co-curricular and Extra-curricular Activities Link
5.4.2 Alumni association details Link
6.1.1 Vision and Mission of the Institution Link
6.1.2 Practices decentralization and participative management Link
6.2.1 Strategic Planning and Development (Rename the Criterion Name) Link
6.2.2 Organization structure Link
6.2.4 Various bodies/commettees Link
6.3.1 The institution has effective welfare measures for teaching and non- teaching staff Link
6.3.5 Institutions Performance Appraisal System for teaching and non- teaching staff Link
6.4.1 External Financial audit Link
6.4.2 Funds Grants received from Non-Government Bodies, Individuals, Philanthropist Link
6.4.3 Instituional stratergies for mobilazation funds Link
6.5.1 IQAC Link
6.5.2 TLP through IQAC Link
6.5.3 IQAC Link Link
7.1.1 Measures initiated by the Institution for the promotion of gender equity during the year Link
7.1.10 Inclusion and Situatedness Link
7.1.13 Display of core values in the institution and on its website Link
7.1.15 Course on Human Values and Professional Ethics Link
7.1.16 Professional code of Functioning Link
7.1.2 Gender sensitivity facilities Link Total Annual Power Requirement Link
7.1.5 Waste Management Link
7.1.6 Rain Water Harvesting Link
7.1.7 Green initiatives Link
7.1.9 Differently abled friendlines Link Sensitization of students and employees of the Institution to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens Link
7.2.0 Institutional Best Practices Link
7.1.10 The Institution has a prescribed code of conduct for students, teachers, dministrators and other staff and conducts periodic programmes in this regard Link
7.3.0 Institutional Distinctiveness Link
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