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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Goals & Objectives

  • To assess the level of attainment of vision and mission, PEOs, POs once a year for all programmes.
  • Integration of various activities in the Institution which may provide good practices in all levels.
  • To assist the Institution for applying National/International level accreditation.
  • The Institution has to establish academic network with premier Institute, support from industries for developing the Center of Excellence in emerging area.
  • Research grants and revenues has to be developed through training programmes.
  • To organize an international conference every two years to update the recent innovative thoughts and ideas among the research and faculty members in pace with latest technology.
  • To organize a seminar, workshops and faculty development program for the faculty members to update their knowledge in recent technologies.
  • To organize skill development program for the supporting staff members.
  • To encourage the extracurricular activities among the students and faculty members such as NSS, Robotics Club, Enrich Project Expos, Summer Camps for Higher Secondary School children for propagating Engineering & Technology.
  • To organize training program for the students to improve their skills for Campus Recruitment Drive.
  • To conduct special class for the national level competition exam like GATE, CAT etc and ensure that students cleared in the above competition exams.
  • To document the various activities/programmes conducted in the Institution for referral to track the improvement.
  • To organize the continuous education program among the rurals.
  • NSS Programmes and Projects.

Council Members

Sl. No. Name of the Member Designation Category
1. Prof. Dr.Afzal Ali Baig Principal Chairperson
2. Mr. Shaik Athaullah Trustee Administrator Member
3. Prof. Dr. N.R.Shanker Professor – ECE Coordinator
4. Dr. Mohd. F. Shabir Professor – MECH Member
5. Mrs. A.S. Salmabanu Assistant Professor – ECE Member
6. Mr. K.Selvakumarasamy Assistant Professor – ECE Member
7. Dr.C.Makendran Head – Civil Member
8. Dr. S. Sathish Head – Mechanical Member
9. Mr. A. Mohanasundaram Head – EEE Member
10. Mr. A. Mohamed Mydeen Head – ECE Member
11. Dr. R. Shankar Head – CSE Member
12. Dr.M. Amanullah Head – IT Member
13. Mr.K. Khaja Mohideen Head – MCA Member
14. Mrs. Suberiya Begum Asst. Professor – CSE Member
15. Mrs. K. Priya Asst. Professor – CSE Member
16. Mrs. R. Lavanya Asst. Professor – IT Member
17. Mr. S. Mohammed Abbas Asst. Professor – Mech Member
18. Mr. Munirajachandra Asst. Professor – Mech Member
19. Mr. B. Nadheer Ahamed Asst. Professor – EEE Member
21. Mr. Jaffer Asst. Professor – Civil Member
22. Wg. Cdr. K. Parthasarathi VSM – Rtd. Member
23. Mr. Jamaludeen MD – Meamdois Tech. Solutions, Chennai Member from Employers
24. Mohammed Waqqas II year Mechanical Student Member
25. Er. Saleem Basha M/s.Yexis Solutions Member from Industry
26. Mrs. S. Madhurambal Teacher Member from stakeholders

The Coordinator IQAC
Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering
Muthapudupet, Avadi, IAF,
Chennai-600 055.
Phone: +91
E-mail: info@aalimec.ac.in