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Anti Ragging Committee

Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering has been very keen on quelling ragging down the years.
The boards and banners bearing messages regarding ragging like

What is ragging? What constitutes ragging?
What are the repercussions due to ragging?

Contact details as per the direction of the Government of Tamilnadu and Anna University. hosted in and around the college in places like the canteen, hostel, rest, and recreational rooms. Orientation regarding the nature of ragging, the ways to protect oneself from it, and the means available to seek help from the ragging Committee of the college, Anna University, and AICTE are given to the first-year B.E / B.Tech students of our students in their respective classes for one hour. The photos of the orientation meeting are enclosed. Apart from orientation meetings the students are motivated to be bold enough to react against ragging or any harmful misuse of the person.    Surprise visits have been arranged by the monitoring committee to surprisingly check the movement of the boys and girls in all public places. Different committees comprising staff members are formed to monitor the Conduct of the student community in the hostel, at the canteen, inside the campus, in all the floors of the classroom buildings, at bus stops, and railway stations, etc. CCTV cameras are fixed at the Men’s hostel to monitor the movement of the students. Regular monitoring of students is done by all the faculty members when they ease out of their classrooms during lunch breaks and intervals. The mobile numbers of the internal Anti-Ragging committee of the college are provided to the first year students of B.E / B.Tech so that they could immediately convey the occurrence of any ragging act if presumed. The college maintains a good rapport with the inspector of the local police station and the officials and has requested the Inspector of Police, Muthapudupet to help us in case of the occurrence of the ragging act.  Circular regarding ragging – insisting on the harmful effects of ragging within the campus is also circulated to all the classes including eve-teasing. The general circular has been circulated to the students to create a kind of awareness to the students regarding ragging outside the campus and its aftermath, traffic rules, safety during travel, and the use of cell phones while driving, etc. The students are strictly warned not to indulge in the offensive act of ragging and to be careful in conducting themselves carefully even outside the college campus.

The college has taken steps to ensure students using personal vehicles hold appropriate licenses, an RC book for the vehicle, and the current insurance policy. The circular regarding that is enclosed. Our college arranges regular Parent – Teacher meet to cater to the needs of the students and maintain rapport with the parents and emphasize the ragging issues with the parents of the senior students and alert the parents of the freshers. Meetings are conducted with the staff and students to imbibe the directions of the Government and the orders of Anna University to make this campus a ragging-free campus.  A complaint box is placed at the main office to facilitate first-year students to deposit their complaints into it.  Gate duty and Floor duty are executed to monitor the conduct of the students.  Interval and lunch timings are fixed differently so as to give no chance for the senior students to meet the freshers. Regular visits to the Men’s and women’s hostel are carried out by the Head of the Ragging Squad and his committee members. Every day visits by all the heads of the departments are planned and executed keeping in mind the safety and harmonious stay of the first-year students at the hostel.  Hence these are the steps that we have taken to quell this horrible menace named RAGGING with the intention to make this campus – a ragging-free campus.

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