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                                        IMPORTANT GUIDELINES TO THE HOSTEL STUDENTS

A hostel is a home away from home. Every inmate must bear this in mind and follow the guidelines stipulated for ensuring harmony and thus make collective living a pleasure.

  1. Hostellers have to observe discipline at all places in the hostel (Mess hall, room, common rooms and other common places frequented by them).
  2. They should conduct themselves very decently befitting the traditions of our institution.
  3. Students should keep the cupboards and rooms locked properly and must take care of their belongings.  Gold, cell phones and other costly items should not be kept in room. All belongings at students risk only
  4. Mess timings should be strictly followed. Mess will be closed after the service hour.
  5. No entertainment is allowed at the time of study hours
  6. Hostel gate will be locked at 9.00 pm all the inmates have to be in the hostel before this time
  7. Students are not permitted to enter kitchen or storeroom.  They should not unnecessarily talk, or argue with mess staff. Complaints must be made to the deputy warden
  8. Outside sports article are not allowed inside the hostel
  9. Playing inside the hostel campus is not allowed.  Smoking inside the hostel is strictly prohibited
  10. Mess vessels should not be taken to the rooms
  11. No one should stay back in the hostel after 9.00 am without permission
  12. The management with its discretion may refuse admission without assigning any reason or expel any resident of hostel if his/her stay is found to be detrimental to the interest of other inmates. The decision of the management in this regard is final
  13. Students should occupy only the allotted rooms. No student is eligible to claim a particular room/block/wing, nor can he/she change without prior permission of the warden / deputy warden
  14. Students should not be loitering in unauthorized places. Trespasser will be sent out of hostel
  15. All function celebrated in the hostel should be done in a decent and modest fashion
  16. Inmates going out should get prior permission from the warden & should come back at the appointed hour
  17. Inmates should refrain from all anti-social and harmful activities such as consumption or possession of intoxicating drugs, alcohol, etc are strictly prohibited
  18. No student is allowed to prepare or cook anything in the hostel premises
  19. Hostel student should not invite their relatives and plead for their overnight stay
  20. No day scholar should visit the hostel without the permission of warden in writing in which the time of entry and departure should be clearly mentioned
  21. Table fans, radio, T.V, cameras, computer and other electrical appliances should not be used without prior permission of the warden
  22. Visitors are allowed on all Sundays from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm only. No permission will be granted on other days
  23. Students are to keep up their prestige and status and are not to mingle with staff / employer. If found so, the student will be sent out of the hostel/college
  24. No student should bring pets to their rooms (eg. Dogs, kitten, parrots, rabbits, aquarium, etc.)
  25. Hostel inmates are allowed to go for weekends twice a month only with the permission of the warden
  26. All inmates should maintain absolute silence from 5.00 am to 7.00 am and 9.00 pm to 10.30 pm
  27. Inmates occupying the rooms are individually and collectively responsible for the furniture and electrical fittings. In case of any loss/damage to the hostel property, cost of repair, placement will be charged on the student/students occupying the rooms
  28. No food will be served after the mess is closed.  Students should come neatly dressed, sit in a decent posture and should not make commotion in the dining hall
  29. Food will be served to rooms as a special consideration. Only when the student is confined to bed due to illness. Warden will instruct the concerned to do the needful
  30. Washing of hands in the plates is forbidden in the dining hall
  31. Hostel fees must be paid before the start of semester
  32. Students found to disobey the above rule will be expelled from the hostel/college under disciplinary grounds and has to forego his/her fees and deposit
  33. Please remember that hostel belongs to the inmates.  It is their home away from home
  34. The hostellers should vacate the hostel at the end of academic year and apply a fresh for the next academic year.
  35. Academic year ends on the last, regular exam day of the even semester.

We hereby accept to obey all the rules and regulations of the hostel

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