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For Admissions Contact: 9840226899 ,9840866558

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Vision of the Department

To contribute as one of the pioneers to transform the Business Ecosystem via Engineering &Technology.

Mission of the Department

• To embark on an interdisciplinary approach that collaborates Engineering &Non-Engineering aspects of business.
• To bolster up students’scope for creativity in problem-solving in the light of Engineering, Technology & Business administrationattributes to scaleup the Business System holistically.

Every technology or framework that is evolved is to ultimately propel and drive momentum to the business system whether it’s a Start-up, micro, small, medium, family business, a global network or a multinational. Goes behind the nerves of business, an extensive conglomerate of computation, analysis of algorithms, programming languages, program design, software engineering, computer hardware, computer networks and problem-solving skills. An Engineering aspirant with an eye and heart for these is sure to make his/her way to excellence in the arena. Computer Science & Business System is an emerging discipline that aims at addressing the hard-core aspects that etch the neural schema of a business. Having in mind, the luminous future this specialization propounds, we have pioneered to offer this course among very few premier institutions in Chennai that do.

Why to pursue this course?

The CS & Business System Engineers would bethe choice of professionals to analyse, identify and address all the critical hardware and software problems that could potentially hamper a business in technological, scientific and social context.

The fascinating part of this course is that it pulls in an interdisciplinary approach encompassing bioinformatics, electronics, operations research, computation, business administration, hardware architecture & software development, offering a spectrum of hues to cherish while learning. The course is an academic marvel that widens the scope for creativity, innovation and analytical ability while subduing few conventional subjects that have been existing in the radar of Engineering so far.

Career Scope:
CS & Business System is a hybrid course that fosterages professional eligibility to serve in diverse fields like business analytics, marketing, education, transportation, entertainment, banking, mass communication, social media, hospital management, supply chain management, etc. Appearing to be in limited number though, the businesses would rate these professional graduates higher over the other conventional disciplines of Engineering for the specialized acumen and agility it fosters through the course of education to perceive and handle business systems holisticallyin the light of Computer Science and the job titles that willprefer and potentially hunt for the niche include

1. Software Developer
2. Testing Engineer
3. Business System Analyst
4. Technical Support Engineer
5. IT Technical Content Developer
6. Business System Architect