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For Admissions Contact: 9840226899 ,9840866558

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For the Past few decades the advent of Information Technology has revolutionized the whole global scenario. The Department of Information Technology in AALIM MUHAMMED SALEGH COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING is exceptionally well-equipped with high specification computer facilities. Our three computer laboratories includes IT Lab, Net Lab, R&D Lab in which are used for undergraduate teaching.

Our Department has one of the best infrastructure including domain-specific labs associated with the below technical divisions:

  • Computer Networks

  • Compiler Design

  • Computer and Network Security

  • Embedded Systems

  • Software Engineering

  • Software Engineering Laboratory

  • Compiler Laboratory

  • Operating Systems

  • Operating Systems Laboratory

  • Database Management Systems Laboratory

  • Database Management Systems

  • Mobile Computing

  • Mobile Application Development Laboratory

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Cryptography And Network Security

  • Security Laboratory

  • Graphics And Multimedia

  • Design And Analysis of Algorithms

  • Web Services

  • Image Processing, Graphics and Vision

  • Grid And Cloud Computing

  • Our Department has three labs: Information Technology Lab with 60 High End Systems, a Network Lab with 33 High End Systems, an Interactive classroom (ICR) along with R&D Lab. All the computers in these labs are connected through Gigabit LAN allowing excellent Internet connectivity at all points.

  • IT Lab and Network Lab are well equipped with the Synchronous learning technique through which our students are exposed to a real time learning environment.

  • IT and Software Engineering Labs are Windows based while ICR is on the Linux Platform which gives a hands-on exposure to our students on both the operating Systems. All these labs are equipped with various Software packages and Synchronous learning technique through which our students are exposed to a real time learning environment.

  • Network Lab is also equipped with wireless Sensor networks nodes and Network Simulation tool, which gives practical insight to the students on the various aspects of Wireless sensor network.

Other Facilities include our own Department Library, Seminar Hall and Internet Facility.

Internet Facility

In Information Technology Department has its own systems laboratories and faster internet access facility for providing the students with greater opportunities to hone their particular talents and knowledge – skills, helping them to remain updated on emerging trends and technologies.

Department Library

Each department of the college is equipped with departmental library for specializing in their area with extensive level of knowledge boost in the field of concern of staff and students. In this department, more than 1000 volumes of technical books, 331 national and international reputed journals, CD-ROMs, DVDs, Project Reports, Seminar Reports, Thesis Reports, IS codes etc. More than 100 Users are utilizing these facilities.

Seminar Hall

Information Technology department has its own Seminar hall equipped with Projector and Sound System.

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