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For Admissions Contact: 9840226899 ,9840866558

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The Control and Instrumentation Laboratory facilitates students to acquire knowledge on analysis and design of control system along with basics of instrumentation. This laboratory provides students to conduct experiments in the field of DC and AC bridges, Controllers, Transducers, Power measurement and Signal conditioning. The MATLAB/Simulink Softwares are used to study the stability analysis. This laboratory fulfills the following outcomes expected from the learning of Control and Instrumentation Laboratory Experiments.


Ability to understand control theory and apply them to electrical engineering problems.

Ability to analyze the various types of converters.

Ability to design compensators

Ability to understand the basic concepts of bridge networks.

Ability to the basics of signal conditioning circuits.

Ability to study the simulation packages.


In the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering to facilitate the objective to give exposure to the students in the operation and testing of d.c machines ,single phase transformer,Three phase transformer,Induction motor,Synchronous machine the Lab is well equipped according to the Anna University Norms.The Lab also facilitates the Under Graduate Students to do their project for Final year Students for Testing and Understanding purpose.Apart form our branch the lab is utilised for ECE , MECHANICAL students and for Engineering Practices Laboratory of all first year students.


  • The main objectives is to provide hands on experience in power electronic converters and testing .This lab provides the basic platform for understanding the Power Electronic Converter Circuits and its Applications.

  • The lab is equipped with major equipments includes Rectifier and Inverter circuits, Chopper circuits, Cycloconverter circuits, AC Voltage Controller Circuits, Isolation circuits and Digital Storage Oscilloscope.

  • In the final outcomes the students can acquire knowledge on hardware as well as software on various converter/Inverter topology design and implementation for their Research and Innovative Projects.

  • To facilitate the Electric circuits Lab as per Anna university curriculum the basic electric circuits are designed in hardware and the students can gain the practical experience on electric circuits and verification of theorems.

  • The students can simulate the designed module using software tool using Matlab/Pspice/Psim/Proteus.


The power system simulation provides facility to the students for the better understanding of power system analysis through AU power and MATLAB software. For the purpose equipped with 40 systems with “INTEL PIV/C2D(2.8)/2GB DDR/160GB HDD/MOUSE/KEY BOARDE/DVD/TFT MONITOR” for benefit of individual student with server configuration of “HP SERVER/2*2GB DDR/2*25O GB HDD/DVD”.

The power system simulation lab provides to bring the outcome such as Transmission Line Constant evaluation, modeling of power system, load frequency control, economic dispatch, power flow analysis and fault analysis in the effective manner with help of digital simulation.

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