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Students Induction Programme (SIP) 2022

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Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering, as initiated by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, has organized ‘Student Induction programme 2022-23’ for the first year students on 9.11.2022, 10.11.22 and from 14.11.2022 to 18.11.2022. The programme was organized based on the guidelines given by AICTE-SIP modules. The organizers of the Programme were the Secretary and Correspondent of Aalim Muhammed Salegh Educational Trust Alhaj. S. Segu Jamaludeen; the Principal Prof. Dr. S. Sathish; Prof. Ashma, the Head of the Department of Science and Humanities; Associate Professor Dr. K. Suresh Kumar; Asst. Prof. Shagul Hameed; and Asst. Prof. Abhinaya C., the Coordinator of SIP’22.

The objective of this programme was to acclimatize the students to the new environment and get them acquainted with the culture of the institution. The events in the Induction Programme were scheduled for the entire week comprising many interesting activities like lectures by eminent persons and Alumni of our institution; poster making; essay writing; yoga and meditation; drawing and painting, sports activities, NSS and NCC Programme, rural visit, library visit and UHV sessions.
The Inauguration Programme was held on 9.11.2022 at Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Auditorium. The Programme began at 10:00 AM. The Secretary and Correspondent of Aalim Muhammed Salegh Educational Trust Alhaj. S. Segu Jamaludeen was invited as the chief guest for the programme

The programme began with invocation of the blessings of the Almighty through Quirath by Hafiz M. F. Abdullah, Department of Information Technology. The dignitaries were introduced to the first year students by Asst. Prof. Abhinaya C. The Principal Prof. Dr. S. Sathish addressed the students, which was followed by a Motivational Speech by General Manager Janab. Shaik Fareed. The Secretary and Correspondent of Aalim Muhammed Salegh Educational Trust Alhaj. S. Segu Jamaludeen addressed the students sharing his insightful thoughts about achieving Academic success. Prof. Ashma, the Head of the Department of Science and Humanities, addressed the Freshers. Prof. Ashma encouraged the students to make use of all the golden opportunities awaiting them in our institution. She discussed about the classroom etiquette and general instructions.

Some of the students of our institution who addressed the Freshers were: Ms. Noor Ul Hudah (CSE), Mr. Mateen Ahamed (ECE), Ms. Yusra Saba (IT), Mr. Amresh (Mechanical Engineering) and Ms. Shabana (CSE). The student speakers shared their good experiences that they gained from our institution and provided a proper guidance and a successful path for the first year students to follow. The Freshers were energized and excited about their college life. They gave a positive feedback looking forward for accomplishing greater deeds.

The students who excelled in their XII Std. final examinations were honoured with awards by the Secretary and Correspondent: Mr. A. Mohamed Hamdeen, Mr. P. Mohamed Maitheen, Ms. S. Aneesa Banu, Ms. S. Joohi Jhan, Mr. S. Mohamed Yusuf Ameen, Mr. M. Dhanveer Ahmed and Mr. Abdul Jasir. Finally the programme concluded with a vote of thanks proposed by Asst. Prof. Sajidha Begum S.


As per the guidelines given by AICTE – SIP, ‘General Fitness and Yoga sessions’ were conducted. Mr.G.Vinoth Kumar, Director, Physical Education, trained the first year students, by demonstrating important Asanas that everyone must learn in order to have healthy mind in a healthy body. He lectured the students about the significance of maintaining a healthy balance between one’s mind and body which could easily be achieved through meditation. The students followed all the instruction and concentrated well.

The students were encouraged to play different indoor and outdoor games during sports hour as per the timetable. The students played table tennis, basket ball, throw ball, carrom, chess, volley ball and cricket. Mr.G.Vinoth Kumar, Director, Physical Education, taught the rules and divided the students into different teams. They played with energy and enthusiasm.


As initiated by AICTE, UHV (Universal Human Values) sessions were conducted as a part of the SIP programme. Asst. Prof. Abhinaya C., Asst. Prof. Nishanth K. and Asst. Prof. Gopikha conducted these sessions. They had participated in the 5-day UHV Introductory Faculty Development Programme and had received certificates as per the requirement of AICTE to conduct SIP-UHV sessions. The session helped the students to understand the importance of ‘SELF and BODY’, and how to live in harmony with the self, family, society and nature. The students shared their views and expressed that they could develop a better perspective towards life after the session.


As a part of the programme, various student activities were conducted such as Poster making, Drawing and Painting, Essay writing and Debate. The students gave their complete dedication and made wonderful art works. The topics and some of the noteworthy art works are displayed below:
• Poster Making:
1. Awareness on Drugs.
2. Drug Abuse and its impact on student life.

• Drawing and Painting:
1. Pollution and Solution
2. Role of Youth in Future India
3. Post Covid-19
4. Human life with Nature

• Essay Writing:
1. Narrate your first day experience in your college. (Narrative essay)
2. Role of Engineers in the society and Nation Building. (Descriptive essay)
Most of the students chose the descriptive essay. The views shared by the students expressed their passion and commitment towards their course and future career.
• Debate:
To test and improve the communication and oratory skills of the students, debate sessions were arranged. Asst. Prof. A. Mohamed Hidayathullah conducted the session. The following topic was given to the students on the spot:
1. Emerging Engineering Technologies make the students smarter or develop technology dependency in them leading them to become dumb.
The students participated and exposed their speaking skills. They gave real life examples and also discussed on various emerging technologies.


The students were taken to the villages adopted by Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering (as per Unnat Bharat Abhiyan Scheme). The students were made to take Village Household Survey. The villages visited by our students were Palavedu, Pakkam, Puliyur, Kadavur and Pandeswaram. The students had a wonderful time interacting with the people living in the villages.


As part of the programme, Mr.T. Karthick, Career and Development Cell, taught ‘Speed Maths’. Students found this session very interesting as they had learnt new methods to solve some of the complicated mathematical problems and aptitude questions. The students expressed that the shortcuts learnt would be helpful for them to clear entrance examinations and competitive examinations.


Successful Career path for IT Students:

On 10.11.2022, Er. K. Khaja Mohideen, Department of Information Technology, delivered a lecture on ‘Successful Career Path for IT Students’. He discussed on the following ideas:
• What is GOAL? How to have a MINDSET that will lead one to a successful career?
• How to make use of techno environments for IT career achievements?
• How to use Linked-In and Git Hub learning portal for IT jobs.

Awareness on Medicine:

On 14.11.2022, a guest lecture was arranged for the Freshers. Dr. Mohamed Meeran, M.D. (Microbiology), M.D. (Venerelogy), delivered a lecture on ‘Awareness on Medicine’. He discussed on healthy daily routines. He recommended four principles to regulate one’s health:
• 8 Hour sleep
• Healthy breakfast before 9:00 AM
• Physical activities: Exercising, Walking
• Avoiding junk food and sweets

The students interacted well with the resource person. Mr. Gabriel Prasena Raj (CSE) and Ms. Rasheedha Begum (ECE) gave a feedback about the session. The programme concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by Asst. Prof. Nishanth K

Career Guidance and Development:

On 15.11.2022, Dr. R. Partheeban, the CEO of Knowledge Xchange, Entrepreneur and Industry Solutions Architect, delivered a lecture on ‘Career Guidance and Development’. He taught the students to use various online platforms to display their projects and skills. He guided the students about various opportunities provided by his company. He encouraged them to prepare for interviews. He gave updates about the trending career pathways and technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, AI, Edge Computing, VR and AR, IOT, Blockchain Technology, Cloud Computing, Cyber Security, etc. The students came up with brilliant questions about the future developments in Engineering field.

Modern Learning Strategies:

On 18.11.2022, Prof. Dr. N. R. Shankar, IQAC Director, lectured the students through virtual mode on ‘Modern Learning Strategies’. He taught about how efficiently would E-Learning help the students to up skill. From 2022, due to the growth and development of Internet accessibility, MNC Companies expect Engineers with Multi skills: Basic Languages, Cloud Computing, Robotics and Verticals. He shared interesting information on the development of Aerospace, Agri Drones and Delivery Drones. The students interacted well with the resource person.

Alumni Guest Speakers:

Guest lecture sessions by Alumni of Aalim Muhammed Salegh College of Engineering, were arranged for the students. The following Alumni members lectured on various technical topics:
i. Er. Muhammed Iliyas – “Prepare Yourself for Industry 4.0”
ii. Er. P. Dhanush Kumaran and Er. T. Karthikeyan – “Career Guidance”
iii. Er. S. Mohammed Waqqas – “Career Guidance”
iv. Er. Syed Ali Fathima Pitchaiibrahim – “Career Development in IT Field”
v. Er. H. Mohammed Aadil – “Entrepreneurship”
vi. Er. G. V. Chandrakanth – “Robotics and Core Value Requisite
for Core Company”

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