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The RSW in the conventional format is a three-day residential program conducted at IIT Madras. The main objective of the program is to encourage students to think of creative solutions to problems. They are encouraged to understand a problem, develop solutions and create a working prototype, which is then judged on its ability to meet set criteria.  The solutions should also accommodate for the limited resources that are made available in constructing the prototype.

The program includes several lectures by Design personnel from industry and Professors from IIT, Madras covering a wide range of topics such as Design Thinking, Engineering sense, Techniques in innovation and many more, which aid the students in their search for the optimal solution. Team building, understanding the skills each of them bring to the table and the confidence of building a working model are additional learnings from this program. In this event a total of 94 students from 22 colleges all over India participated in the event. From our college, Mr.B.Karthikeyan (II-year, B.E-Mechanical Engineering), Mr.V.S.S.Mohideen Thamby (II-year, B.E-Civil Engineering), Mr.Abdul Wahid.M (II-year, B.E-Mechanical Engineering), Mr.Raiyan.A.S (II-year, B.E-Mechanical Engineering), Mr.Syed Muzakkir.S (II-year, B.E-Electronics and Communication Engineering) and Assistant Professor Mr. D.Eeswar Samhithan (ECE) as faculty mentor participated and obtained first prize.

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