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Our III year/V Semester IT Students with 2 Faculty members have attended One day INDUSTRIAL VISIT in “SYSTECH Pvt Ltd” on 24-12-22 .We thankful to Trustee administrator, Principal, HOD to arranged this Industrial visit.

On this day, We met four Trainers in their Company. Trainers taught the students about current trends Courses such as Cloud Computing, Ethical Hacking, Hardware and networking, Robotics Etc. They gave better understanding about Spooling and Spanning in the various platform. Email Spooling is a notification that is sent to designated contacts when there is a problem with an organizations email queues. Sms Bombing is an attack where a large number of messages are sent to a particular number in a very short period of time, to harass a user or disrupt the normal working of a device.

Mr.Mani Kandan who taught about the Ethical Hacking. He discussed Basic Networks. Normally, Networks is used in all over the world. He run the code to find the ip-address of local system , how to block the web sites, check whether the email is hacked or not by using email bombing. Then he shared the phone calls hacking between two friends lively and this type of hacking is called Call Spoofing. Call Spoofing is nothing but to make a call appear to have come from any phone number by the caller wish. Call Spoofing and Call Tapping are derived by Call Spanning. Call tapping is the conversation between two number can be tapped by the third party. After Completing Spoofing, tapping and threats, the trainer moved to basic Programming.

Mr.Jaan is the Head of Systech Company ,who taught about phishing and currents programming languages such as python, java etc. Phishing is used to designed to trick a person and it is fraudulent attack on the person to reveal their sensitive information. Example: Creating the login page as fake page to enter details. Then He discussed about the programming language. Programming Language is the code or source Code which is used to interacts between human and Computer System. Example for Programming language is python. Python is a Popular Programming language and can be used on server to create web applications. However it works in various department such as Web Development , Software Development ,Database Programming, System Scripting , Gaming ,Image manipulation ,Robotics, IOT big data, Data Analytics and Data Science etc. By using python , it implement in may web sites such as Quora, yahoo,Spotify, Drop box, Instagram and Youtube etc. Then He taught about the major difference between Compiling and interpreting. Compiler is used to converts source code to byte code that executes code and display output whereas Interpreter is directly converts Source into output.

Mr.Vignesh Kumar who explained about Robotics of how the software will work in machine. This machine has perform tasks done traditionally by human beings. Robots are widely used in such industries as automobile manufacture to perform simple repetitive tasks, and in industries where work must be performed in environments hazardous to humans.

Mr.Subhash who taught the latest jobs. Now a days the recruiter shortlisted the resumes based on additional activities such as online exams, online certificate courses, internship, industrial visit etc. He discussed about how to get the placement in very short time and also how to get placed in MNC Companies. After completing the session, All Students went to visited practically of their Own servers, Robots, cloud networks etc and they learned many things in this industrial visit.

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