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Dengue Awareness Program

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We would like to bring your attention to the increasing threat of Dengue fever and the proactive measures being implemented by the Avadi Municipality and our college’s National Cadet Corps (NCC) unit. Our college played host to the Dengue Awareness Program on 18-10-2023 in our college campus.

Program Objectives:
To important essential knowledge about the causes, symptoms, and preventive measures of Dengue to the student community.
To encourage students to actively participate in raising awareness about Dengue in their neighborhoods and households.
To motivate students to adopt and promote healthy practices that reduces the risk of Dengue transmission.

The program did not only reduce the incidence of Dengue but also created a sense of responsibility among the student community as a whole. This initiative demonstrated the power of education, awareness, and collective action in the fight against Dengue. At the end of the programme, all participants took the oath to continue the fight against Dengue and to create a dengue-free environment

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