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Build a Strong Career in Cyber Security

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A seminar focused on Cybersecurity was conducted on 3rd December 2023 The venue was Abul Kalam Azad hall and the duration was 11.00 am to 12.30 pm.

The resources persons were Mr.ABINESH PARASURAMAN and Mr.Niyaj Reinaaz Fathima ll/IT welcomed the guest of honours on the daise then later The Program was initiated by Qirath which was recited by Rufil Ahamed.A ll/IT, Students were addressed by Principal and faculty chairman Introduction about the resource person was given by S. Muhasina ll/IT which was the followed by the seminar The seminar began with a brief introduction of where the resources persons work, and what is their work in actual Which is, Cyberheals, a cybersecurity solution company that provides exceptional support and assistance at a competitive price point. He gave the student about what cybersecurity and types of approaches in it and different types of hacker During which an student of CSE/ll actively participated in the interaction about his experience in the field They showed a video of how hacking can be done through a phone call, and also did a live demonstration of how to inspect online pages…

They later gave idea about the internships they are providing for college students for the price of 2500/- which is a 5 days internship Vote of thanks was proposed by Yasmeen Fathima ll/IT

Ms. Monica AP/IT was the co-ordinator for the event

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